Little Rees (LR) now known as SHELLR is a 25 year old rapper from Allenton, Derby. SHELLR’S music is raw energy, high-frequency, real life music from the heart, filled with deep meaning lyrics, punchlines, metaphors, complex lyric writing, and storytelling.

In 2020 Shellr featured in the BBC 1xtra Christmas special rap show along side BIG ZUU, NOVALIST, EYEZ and SNOWY. He also shut down the Kentish o2 in 2021 alongside fellow Derby rapper EYEZ as supporting acts during the OCEAN WISDOM tour and to wrap up his 2022 shellr was flown out to Italy to perform with Italian rapper BABY SOSA.

In 2023 the rapper signed to independent record label DICE RECORDINGS, the home of British legend and icon BIG NARSTIE.


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