“My mission was and is, to dispel all the stereotypes that surrounds bodybuilders through my content, to let people know that not all bodybuilders rely on steroids, protein shakes or have the personality of a potato". (Armz Korleone)

Arm Korleone was born and raised in Ghana Africa and moved to London when he was 9 yrs old. After watching his Uncle train, he became inspired and started taking training seriously at the age of 16.

In 2014 he began getting involved in the fitness industry heavily. He entered a Bodybuilding competition and won. Later that year he entered another competition and won again! He continued to compete in a few shows, and decided to begin creating content and growing his platform by combining his weight lifting regime and his humorous likeable personality.

He hit the ground running with the creation of his instagram videos that went viral alongside  Stormzy, Big Narstie, Lethal B and Michael Dapaah. 

In 2022 Armz Korleone appeared in one of the boxing cards of the year when he fought his rival Malcom Minikon from the USA, which fans watched the two battle it out in the heavyweight bout at the highly-anticipated Deji vs. Wassabi fight of which Armz defeated Malcom Minikon via 4 round decision.

A man of many talents, alongside creating great viral moments and music, Arm Korleone is also an amazing artist, whom is known for is drawing skills, which he has a passion for. 

The future for Arm Korleone looks bright, with a huge growing fanbase, massive social media presence, his debut EP on the way, starring in his own short films and the launch of his training camp “1rep Training”, all coming soon.


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