A1 was born in West London and is of Nigerian heritage. A1 has been a comedic character from a very young age.

Over the last couple of years a1 has built his own social media to a global status with his videos reaching over 3million views with the hashtag "A12funny" hitting 52 million views on TikTok.

His youtube channel has a total of 9 million views and counting since being being set up in late 2020.

Having noticed the widespread joy he has brought to people through his witty humour, a1 is now more determined than ever to become the next big thing! With a host of content in the pipeline

A1 is 1 not to be slept on. Keep your eyes on this 1.

A1.2funny is no stranger to doing collaborations and has previously worked with the likes of; KFC, cabinet office, Wingstop, the NHS, warner music records, universal records and wall of comedy to name a few.


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