Northampton’s producer Spookzville is undoubtedly one of the best producers in the UK that you probably haven’t heard about…until now.

His production includes work with artists such as Big Narstie, Izzie Gibbs, Wiley, Eyez, Geko, Nolay, Scrufizzer, Dj Ironik, Sox, Mr Traumatik, Fos and many more. He also produced the insanely catchy single “Oomph for your Boomph’’ for the brand new Slimfast TV advert performed by Big Narstie featuring Kelly Brook. Aswell as producing the theme song to the The Big Narstie Show on Channel 4 he also produced the beat for the closing bars section of the show which had guests such as Ed Sheeran, Natalie Cassidy, Jonathon Ross and many more celebrities rap on his beats. This work has brought him some much deserved attention which looks to continue his rise.

“With the next releases coming out I really want to showcase the different genres I produce and write, some of which people may not be aware I make, and to show off the music produced with some of the best talent out there such as the new “Courtney Courtney” Track entitled “Mum’s Car” which is a sound people hadn’t heard from me before.

His ethos on production is simple:

“I was originally inspired by people like Dr Dre for both his artist and producer sides. I’m inspired by music, if I hear something that really catches my ear I will straight away feel the need to go and start working on a new beat or song.

His best moment so far?

“This would probably be my producing the title theme song for The Big Narstie Show” on Channel 4 because it was something I didn’t expect to happen, plus getting my first 1 Million views for my production and co-writing on Izzie Gibbs - My Life featuring Big Narstie and Prynce Mini back in 2016, because producing that song was the first time people started hearing about me on a bigger scale and taking me more seriously.”

Undoubtedly not the first 1 million views this talented producer will achieve throughout his career.


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